Parking & Public Transportation


We are located at the address listed below.

On the the 6th floor of the Hudson County Community College building.

The entrance to our office is located on 48th Street between Bergenline Ave. & Kennedy Boulevard.

There is NO onsite parking lot here

There is a small metered lot across the street on 48th St.; it is a Quarter for an hour & you can put up to 3 hours at a time in the meter.

However, this lot often tends to be filled.

There are also metered spots on 47th & 48th Streets as well as Kennedy Blvd that are available.

Additionally, there is a parking garage located between 52nd street in West New York; which can be accessed from Kennedy Blvd.

App’s are available for all locations listed above which can be obtained once parked in a lot or at a meter.

Each App will allow you to add additional money/time as needed.


 NJ Transit Light Rail Station - Bergenline & 49th street, Union City - 1 block away

Hudson County Schools of Technology
Community Resource Center
530 48th Street, 6th Floor
Union City, NJ 07087

Phone: (201) 369-5205
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